Frog meat(thịt ếch)

Frog meat can be bought in almost all grocery store, market in Vietnam.

Note: Heat from cooking can cause fresh frog legs to twitch.

Frog meat fried with Blackbeans and chillis dish.

Frog meat fried with Blackbeans and chillis dish.

Edible Frog (live)

Edible Frog (live)

Frog meat (legs) in grocery store.

Frog meat (legs) in grocery store.


Frog meat is good for children or theft sweating, anorexia, weakness, growth retardation, fever or cough. When used in children and the elderly, second only in the thigh meat to prevent bone (cause of failure).

According Tue Tinh (Nam Pharmaceutical Magic) frog known as the galvanometer (the chicken), bar inventory, sweet, cold calculation, the economic spleen, the bladder, non-toxic. It will be used to foster spleen, occupational therapy, heat, damage troublesome children sores, itching, edema of (aquatic), an thai.

Central Pharmacy manuscript writes: “Meat frog uses the heat, swelling of toxic aggregates by thermal deposition, and to foster the birth, the sick person recovers quickly.”

Frogs are used for:

– Children with orange area (his belly, fat ass) for many reasons, possibly due to low protein intake causes rickets and malnutrition. Use safer toad frog. Overcome by increasing the cold temperate frogs such as rolls, minced with herbs, onions, smell …

– Children with chrome summer rash, pimples, itching, sores, fussy, restless sleep.

– Women after childbirth or edema, less physical decline, dark yellow skin.

– Patients with tuberculosis long anxious or restless due to heat damaged spleen; mouth, throat ulcers caused by heat; a skin inflammation, swelling, pain …

Using frog internal injuries and treatment

Using the frog meat for healthy skin, steamed meat. To heal, add cooked in boiling water, drinking water is essential, eating is secondary. Tags: frog meat coordinate the corresponding drug for each disease (castrated). For example, spleen damage and coordinate treatment with Kudzu, the blind, lotus seeds. Cure Kidney additional characters, important … Updated edema, coordinating human sa, e la silver (mustard tuber) …

Fostering the weakness, illness up

Use dishes with frogs provide protein digestion, cool. For example, frog meat to the skin, cut a piece of breaded 8 curry powder, five tastes, garlic, pepper, MSG, sugar, salt. Take the fried pineapple, the fried potato pieces were available, coconut processing, wolves seasoning to taste. Finally fry the onion along the states. When food can be squeezed lemon juice, fish sauce peppers.

Pimples summer

Frog meat 100 g, fresh lotus leaves, gao150 g. Frog porridge finished seasoning salt, lotus leaf porridge face up, turn off the heat, let cool, remove the lotus.

Pus pimples recurrent summer

Frog meat 250 g, lotus leaf, spicy enough. Frog meat wrapped in lotus leaf. Steam distillation cooked hot food.

Pus blisters burst ulcer

Frog meat 100 g, 5 g amomum powder, 150 g rice, a fresh lotus leaf. Sa frog porridge cooked for people, this is the lotus. To boil 5 minutes more spicy taste. Frog meat can be marinated amomum, lotus leaf wrapped securities.

Elderly depression defecating blood temperature

2 frog soup with a handful of vegetables command a purple. Eat plenty of times.

Additional carbon dioxide, treating frequent urination at night

Frogs a 90 g, 9 g pepper tang adventure, three size 9 g, 15 g letter question, painted flesh du 30 g. Frog clean (left heart), cut pieces. Drugs for the bag, pour just enough water to boil then lower the fire for two hours security … The soup spicy. For older people with prostatitis.
Frog meat delicious and nutritious, especially the thigh, but look how good food to ensure health and safety.


Frog meat is high in nutrition, frog meat in 100g water 75g, 20g protit, 1.1 g lipid, 3.9 g ash, 22mg calcium, 159mg phosphorus, 1.3 mg iron, 0.04 mg vitamin B1, 0.22 mg vitamin B12, 2.1 mg vitamin PP … give your body about 92kcal.

According Tue Tinh (Nam Pharmaceutical Magic) frog is called complete inventory (the chicken), bar inventory, sweet, cold calculation, the economic spleen, the, eagles around, non-toxic. It is useful supplements spleen, tuberculosis, heat, damage troublesome children itchy foot, edema of …

Central Pharmacy manuscript writes: “Meat frog uses the heat, add unique value of thermal aggregation by building upon, and to foster the birth, the sick person recovers quickly.”

In folklore, frogs are often used the case: Children with positive cam, his belly, ass fat, children with rickets and malnourished children in summer or chrome loss, pimples, itching, sores, fussy, restless sleep; women postpartum edema, poor health, skin dull yellow; pulmonary TB patients for long periods, mouth and throat ulcers caused by heat, skin inflammation, sore.

And the harm to health

According to the literature, the frog lives in the field so the rate of amphibian larvae are parasites in Vietnam as high as 75%. Larvae are white, flesh colored and difficult to detect. After the human gut, they quickly move to the localized part of the cystic disease risk.

In the frog meat there early larvae gai (Gnathostoma spinigerum). After the stomach, the larvae will pass through the stomach wall and migrate throughout the body, enters the eye, liver, lungs, abdomen … If your eyes, it will cause swelling, bleeding in the eye, blindness eyes. If you get into the liver, lungs, they cause pain in the liver, pneumonia, pleural effusion, abdominal pain, acute pancreatitis …

More dangerous for pregnant women because of exposure, parasite larvae will infect the body to the mother and fetus, tapeworm larvae can also penetrate into the fetus and can cause fetal harm for pregnancy. That’s not counting the frogs are now affected by pesticides in rice paddies, who caught eight frogs use strong smelling substances, including the identification of money (a large independent pharmacy) for ease of catching a frog … very dangerous for both mother and fetus.

Safe to eat frogs

Anyway frog meat is good food and nutrients, so it should not eliminate it from the menu of the family.
However, it is important to know how to eat safely. Dietitian, doctor recommended Dao Thi Yen Thuy: frog meat is good for malnourished children; frog meat to eat more fresh meat warts, but to be safe, when to eat to clean the intestines, separating the veins only on frog legs (they are the blood vessels or near the frog, however, easily confused with larvae of worms, so “rather than killed mistakenly omitted”) and cooked to limit the worm.


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