Goat meat(thịt dê)

4 methods of how to remove odors in goats meat:

Method 1: After you have washed goat meat, thai bar piece is finished, the pot of water to boiling and then add a large amount of cuttings. Typically, half the weight of meat, use half a liter of water and 25 grams of cuttings. Once again, the amount of boiling water winter will emerge as a powder. At this jetting out meat. The odor in the meat will no longer …

Method 2: The goat Saute curry powder added to the same district is the smell. If half your weight goat meat for about 1 / 3 to 1 / 2 tablespoons curry powder is enough.

Method 3: When the goat meat processing, to add a radish has been pierced many lots and then boiled together with meat. Doing so could remove the smell of meat. A kilo of meat at least for a radish to.

Method 4: Give an appropriate amount of wine, onions, ginger or almond, red algae, shell quit, green beans and then xao competition in the meat supply odor disappeared.


Where to buy goat meat?

1. Hoa Binh market: address: Bui Huu Nghia Street, Ward 5, District 5, HCM city, Vietnam
Phone No. of Hoa Binh market Management: (08) 9237713.
From District 1, as of Tran Hung Dao A, Tran Hung Dao B to the intersection area Tran Hung Dao B – Bui Huu Nghia, where Kim Dong school sign, turn left you will see Hoa Binh market. This is a wholesale market for goat meat in HCM City.

2. Mountain goat restaurant Ninh Binh 11: 11, Hàng Chĩnh, Q.Hoàn Kiếm, Vietnam

According to traditional medicine, most parts of the goat (including forests and goat farming goat) meat, bones, organs … can be used as medicines. However, most animal products from these species are of warm, hot, people who are physically natural heat, and the fever left by the appearance should not be used.

Here is the curative effect of the goats:

  1. Goat meat
    Sweet, warm properties, will be used to supplement blood, gas utility, high insulation, egg care, to treat the anemia, underweight, depression, anorexia, abdominal pain due to damage or failure welding Qualified kidney damage due to ocean education.
    – Weakness, abdominal pain due to broken solder: 250 g sliced ​​goat meat, stew it or provided as with 30 g and 15 g Jiang was born, great-drink juice.
    – Damaged spleen weakness, anorexia, nausea and vomiting caused by broken solder: 250 g goat meat scrap state, with 180 g cooked rice into the soup, eat several times a day.
    – Erectile dysfunction, heterosexual, di urine, back pain, knee strain caused by renal failure-positive: 250 g boiled goat meat, cut into slices, mixed with 15 g garlic (pound) and other spices to food.
  2. Goat liver
    The sweetness, the comments have added the blood content, and can help brighten the eyes. Goat liver was used to treat the following:
    – Depression, dizziness, decreased vision due to blood can damage: liver 150 g sliced, cooked with 50 g of rice gruel, eat several times a day.
    – Can fire-being (expressed as headaches, dizziness, red eyes): 60 g goat liver, chrysanthemum flower 10 g, 10 g glass crystal workshop, excellent technical water, divided 3 times a day.
  3. Goat kidney
    The sweetness, the comments will be used to add carbon, elite interests, is used to treat the following:
    – Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation: a double goat kidney, 12 g flesh blooded, character 10 g, 10 g field, three size 8 g. Goat meat cleaned, sliced, basement with herbs (wrapped in cloth bags). Skip drug residue, spice processing, hot meals.
    – Slim weak, weakness, ringing in the deaf, heterosexual, impotence, failure postpartum leader: Spirit to 100 g, 100 g of meat goats, character 50 g, 50 g rice, spicy enough, all cooked porridge, share meals several times a day.
    – Chronic back pain: a double-sliced ​​goat kidney, 60 g of stewed black beans, bean weight 12 g, 3 g sub repatriation, Jiang was born 3 slices. Skip drug residue, spice processing, sharing meals 2 times a day.
  4. Goat testes
    Salty sweet taste, the comments will be used to supplement kidney coated positive, useful computer. The specific application:
    – Treating back pain due to kidney U, heterosexual, impotence, discharge, novice, Diabetes: Using a porridge eating goat testicles regularly.
    – Treating impotence: a pair of goat testicles, deer velvet 3 g, soaked with 500 ml of white wine in a fortnight. Drink 15-20 ml per day.
    Or: a pair of goat testicles clean, remove the membrane, sliced, cooked with pork bone broth in 5 minutes, add spice processing, hot meals.
  5. Stomach
    Sweet, warm properties, which uses additional damage, public events, help you. Specific applications:
    – Updated colitis and chronic gastritis welding can damage the spleen: the stomach to a pit with fresh ginger, galangal and cinnamon (small amount), divided eat several times a day.
    – Updated flu, excessive sweating: the stomach to a black bean stew with 50 g and 40 imperial period, divided eat two times a day.
  6. Goat lungs
    The sweetness, the additional waste will be used to warm air, the aquatic director, is used to treat the following:
    – Cough due to lung damage, bladder disadvantage: 500 g lung to move debris, thoroughly boiled water, add 150 g goat meat (sliced) and 100 g rice, cooked into porridge, eat several times broken day.
    – A pulmonary, nasal polyp prevention: the lung to a leaf, 120 g Atractylodes white, flesh blooded, through workshops, can Jiang, cross frames per second 60 g. All dried, spread the dough, drink soup with water 2 times, each 5-10 g.
  7. Goat bones
    Sweet, warm properties, will be used to supplement the kidneys, strengthen tendons and remains.
    – Cure arthritis, thin due to labor force, the first shock, eyes and flowers: 1 kg goat bone tunnel with 60 g of rice porridge, flavored preparations, share meals several times a day.
    – Chronic back pain: bone to 1 kg, ceiling packaging 6 g, 6 g galangal, cardamom 2 fruit, fresh ginger 3 g. Ham took the juice, porridge eating.
    – To foster the growth retardation: spine goat stew thoroughly with 0.5 kg flesh blooded 10 g, 100 g skeptical paint, share meals several times a day.
  8. Goat blood
    Salty taste, the comments will be used only blood, past retention.
    – Cure drew blood, nosebleed: Have more drink 1-2 cups fresh goat small.
    – Treatment of bleeding: Use more goat boiled, served with sour vinegar.
    – Bleeding wounds: Advanced goats (char) 5 parts, hair disorder (char) 5 sections, held a part royalty powder, mix well then sprinkle on the wound.
    In addition, other parts of the goat is also used as medicines, such as:
    – Tim: To the mind, depression solution, ie treat pain, anxiety, palpitations.
    – Pancreas: Peter waste, only zone, chronic cough and discharge.
    – Bladder: urinary di Cure.
    – Thyroid: Cure of his gas (ie full stomach, throat, like a foreign object, not spit, swallow, no drift).
    – Skin: useful, additional damage, warms the spleen and treatment of TB damage, back, knee, property damage consular post.
    – Milk: Peter apples, additional damage, the treatment of depression, diabetes, oral ulcers.
    – Bile duct: cure fire, poison, cure pink eye, drew blood from tuberculosis, acute sore throat, jaundice, constipation, skin ulcers caused by poisoning.
    – Fats: Damaged, apple bottom, toxic chemical, dry skin treatment, toxic boil.

Goat meat contains compounds similar to sex hormone

The dietitian said goat meat contains compounds similar to the male sex hormone, particularly in processed foods from goat scrotum. Thus, goat meat increased sexual men, and the Bogor Institute of Nutrition experts have confirmed the correct. “Obviously, the genitals of goats containing the male sex hormone,” he explained. Food preparations, the men added some sex hormones, so is likely to increase sexual potency of yourself.

However, one possibility is that after eating goat meat, a food rich in protein, has given the strong men and thus can be mistaken for a goat improve male sexual function.

Basically sexual ability of man to fall not rise immediately simply by drinking goat meat with wine, beer or other fermented beverages. “What plays the role to help increase libido hormone that,” said Dr. Hendrawan Nadesul.

Vigilance is needed!

Besides the existence of fragile relationship between goat meat and sexual potency of men, the research also indicate adverse effects on the health of the goat meat. For example, people eat goat meat throughout the year will see the signs of high blood pressure. If you eat food rich in fat baked goat, blood cholesterol levels will inevitably increase.

Meanwhile, eating goat meat combined with alcohol, other adverse effects will arise. For example, cholesterol and alcohol can cause narrowing of blood vessels in the lower part of the body, especially the blood flow to body parts below. Therefore, the study even make recommendations about other consequences after eating roasted goat with alcohol can cause people to be impotent.

famoust indonesian Saté Goat dish.

famoust indonesian Saté Goat dish.



11, Hàng Chĩnh, Q.Hoàn Kiếm, Vietnam

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