Entice children on the beach of Vung Tau.

lost kid(illustrative picture only)

lost kid(illustrative picture only)At 16:30 on 26 / 2, the group of sightseeing, sea bathing tourists of Vung Tau from Nguyen Thi Minh, My Tho City, Tien Giang province, including more than 40 people gathered to prepare to return luggage to the car. Her two children, the older 10-year-old boy named Long, 7-year-old girl named Hang, a few minutes ago is still playing on the sand. Yet only a moment later, Hang suddenly disappeared . Mrs. Minh panic. Many people in the group poured out to find, and inform beach management.

When the loudspeakers just described the girl’s identity, and clothing, a young man about 30 years old, next to Mrs. Minh, said as accidentally: “Recently, I just see the kid go up towards.” The young man point his hand towards the car park, then followed her when her ran out to find bustling parking lot. He waited for her call to the hoarseness of her children, then he said: “Maybe it somewhere only. Hop in , I go out searching for your baby. I am motorbike taxi driver, i know everywhere in this area!”

Motorcycles runs around, twisted back and forth, down the beach then back to Taiwan beach. and then reverse up. Close to the beach at Cape Nghinh Phong, she sees her child, Hang standing next to two young man crying on the curb. When she is holding the child in her arms, prepare to be back to the parking spot, then one of two men exclaimed: “I would like wages for babysitter. Without us, how can you find out your child. ”

Two hundred thousand VND is “wages” that mrs. Minh has to pay for two young men for “babysitting feared baby girl.” Not only that. As motorcycle taxi return her to East Sea tourist area, where cars park, she also must pay the guy 100 thousand VND again. She thought, “Well, wealth go instead of people. Fortunately, I found my daughter. ”

The owner of a kiosk selling souvenirs in the East Sea tourist area, said: “They are five or six guys, all are just under 30 years old, including two who do motorbike taxi driver profession which a guy I heard they called M.” Every Saturday, Sunday, when tourists flocked a lot, they assigned each other: Two guys only point stalking the bus, mini bus passenger transport to select their prey. Preys are usually child under 10 years of age, especially girls who are easily seduced. Two other guys guarding their prey in a place far away “the scene” from 700 meters to about 1km. The two guys remaining, motorbike taxi driver profession, a guy who is tasked take prey from the scene to place in care, while the other guy, bait fishing is responsible for loved ones of the lost child, and then do as they accidentally transport passing the spot where their lost children is “crying” on the curbside.

Have selected their prey (not just one baby, which could be many babies, because if not successfully seduced this child, they immediately move to lure another), two young man guys will stick to the child. Time to leave, while parents, or relatives of the children are busy with picking up the luggage, then one of two men will say, “Come with uncle sit in the car first, for cool, i am the driver …”

Tran Thi Nguyet, home in District 3, HCM City, said: “Afternoon 19 / 2, I’m having a few stuffed into swimsuit bag, then my son, age 8 said,” Mom, I go is going the car sitting first . “I thought he is going with some drivers, I said yes. Yet he … lost.” To find him, Nguyet spend 500 thousand VND for motorcycle taxi guy and two “babysitting” guys.

When the child agrees to follow the two young men, then on the parking lot, they rapidly hand the child over to another motorbike taxi driver and disappeared. Binh Minh Trinh baby, age 10, the son of Mr. Trinh Khac Ky in Dalat tells parents: “He said he would lead me to the parking lot, but when I get there, he asked me to sit on the motorcycle, to carry me to where the bus parked because the bus has just passed across the street, if parked here we will be fined by the police.” If children will agree, then immediately, he will take the prey to a location approximately 1km to the beach sometimes only five or seven hundred feet, and then drop him down the curb: “You come in, car parked in there.” By this time, his task as a motorcycle taxi stop, and he will be roaming to other areas or runs home to avoid being identified. When the motorcycle taxi “drop down the prey,” the two young man on “babysitter” duty will appear. Wait for the that children looking bewildered, or crying, calling parents, the two newcomers will come next to the child, asking, and then comforted him, promising to take him to meet family.

Le Thi Ngan children, age 8, daughter of Mrs. Pham Thi Thuy, housing District 6, HCM City, said: “The uncle there asked where I bathe, what parents names, and then said I have to stand here, dad would come get me in a moment.” Until half an hour following as usual through a motorcycle taxi guy “enthusiastic, kind”, Mrs. Thuy find her child crying near the Dau(Strawberry) beach, far away for more than 2km from the spot where she and her family were sea bathing, with 300 thousand VND donation to the two “babysitting” men and 200 thousand VND for motorcycle taxi fare.

So far, never had a parent or relative of the “lost” children which reported to the authorities due to “the tip” 5-7 hundred thousand VND for the guy “finding lost children.” According to a security guard at East Sea tourist area: “Almost all Saturday and Sunday there are always lost child and most are found. Some people finding their child through loudspeakers systems and also find by their relatives or acquaintances saw the child.”

A vice chairman of Ba Ria – Vung Tau, said: “to protect the childs from lost is the first responsibility of parents.”

An official police Ba Ria – Vung Tau said: “When you finding the children, if you are forced to pay someone for “babysitting”, please quickly contact the nearest police. With professional measures, we shall know who “care” because of the goodwill, or because any bad purpose.”

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