The beaches at Vung Tau

bai truoc (Front Beach)

Front Beach

bai truoc (Front Beach)

bai truoc (Front Beach)

As the front of Vung Tau, located south-west, also called the beach “Ocean Vision” – Find the sun. At sunrise and sunset, red as the sun melts into the vast sea. Front Beach as a half moon ring back on land titles, two heads are mountains Relativity States and Tao Feng. Natural paint aquatic organisms created for romantic beach scene before the anchor of the ship returned from the voyage.
Front beach  planting palm reading so many formerly called Coconut Bay Store. Now some shady coconut bowl and add the blue eagle of the trees, plants and ceramics. Beneath the cool shade of trees rop is a park full of flowers for pedestrians ruined … the melodious sound waves. Vung Tau city center is located at Front Beach area with several buildings, new hotels and modern are springing up increasingly adorn Front Beach has a beautiful ancient and modern. At night, along Tran Phu Boulevard, said the bright lights with high pressure systems, on the windy tall buildings, vibrant cafes full of colors like light shining shimmering in the distance along the ship anchor light blue with red sun shines on the sea spreads to the beachfront create a charming beauty of the night.

Back beach
Located in the southeast and had the name “Bai Thuy Van.” Back Beach 8 km long, long beach and dreaming of Vung Tau. If in the previous sea is beautiful and brilliant, the splendid beach After a gentle beauty of a sea full of warm sunshine year round. boulevard Thuy Van road full of flowers along the Beach, a party is busy streets, buildings, design build modern hotels, Fully furnished, one side is golden sand and many resorts all types of entertainment on the beach … fun for all ages. In particular there is a 100ha golf broader international standards.

Back Beach has ocean forest – a forest with trees all non-labor rop ancient blue on white sand. Under poplar forest flickers off of wooden houses, designed by the hollow just elegant, newly elegant, rich culture of the Highland mountains, houses are equipped with all modern conveniences, and modern, medium population Wildlife is the ideal place for all travelers.

The following beaches attracting many tourists frequented recreational bathing resort in Ba Ria – Vung Tau. On the day of the festive, welcoming the new year … filled the beach after the visit, on the banks of the water as well as no space to create a life of a famous tourist centers everywhere.

Pineapple Beach (Bai Dua)

From Front Beach, along Ha Long is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful road winding over the mountains a encroaching the coast will take us to Pineapple Beach. The ancients said that the reason named Dua beach, as previously mountains jutting into the sea very much the wild pineapple plant (a plant such as rice scented incense or her) a fragrant clear beach areas should also be called Du Bai Lang is a beautiful beach of Vung Tau.

The beauty here is not the noisy crowds, but a dreamy beauty, tranquility. Washed in sea canyons, cliffs, creating small pools hugging the aquifers throughout are torn coriander. This scene is with the couple’s honeymoon or couples are still passionate floral wedding day. Above the mountains along the avenue is Halong restaurants, hotel-style villas with full amenities. Alternating the shrine is a famous temple in Vung Tau as Niet Ban Tinh Xa Temple Mr Nam Hai … are places for guests and grave tone of offering flowers to pilgrims blessing, for fortune …

Someone has to Vung Tau chips seven years ago now have the opportunity to come back from the beach Pineapple will not be amazed at the wonderful changes. It is the result of creative labor, natural blend together to create fantastic landscape of Pineapple Beach.

Bai Dau

Located west of Big Mountain, along Tran Phu, from the White Palace (Front Beach) and Bai Dau approximately 3km away. This beach beach formerly known as Vung May, because on the side of the island of Big Mountain has more plant and machinery. At about the early years of the twentieth century, a French trader who came here to establish a silkworm raising and mulberry growing a lot on the mountainside and along the coast should improve with time zone name is replaced by Cloud Bai Dau.

Today Bai Dau is broader, including the small bay between Big Mountain. Because food is on the mountainside close to the sea, Bai Dau is expected by many beautiful small bays, small rocks interspersed with the combined gold sand smooth white sand. The beaches here airtight, many close to the sea mountain with steep cliffs or gently pick up each wave hit the sea of white foam comfort, creating marine paints charming scenery. Tran Phu road winding over steep cliffs, one party is immense sea, one side of the mountain forests, plants, deep blue. Between the blue mountains landscape emerges Mary statues, Buddhist Quan Yin She swirled the overflowing sea waves, wind and soared thousands of sounds has created a racket, just do president relaxed bureaucratic soul Guests from the first visit to the matter.

Tran Phu Street along with aquatic scenes painted charming, romantic beaches, restaurants with delicious … coastal region attracted many tourists to enjoy.

Feng welcome (Nghinh Phong)

From Niet Ban Tinh Xa in Ha Long Avenue through the Pineapple Beach is to welcome Feng means “wind” blowing over four seasons. As an arm spread to the sea, welcome Feng form two beaches in the west and east. That Vong Nguyet (or O Quan) and Huong Phong beach, far away is the Hon Mrs – Bong Island where tourists can visit when the tide came in lower.

The moon rises at night in season, or at sunset, shining sea here as covered in a layer of silver sheen. Party whispering waves, bright silver sea front immense vastness of sky waves as people became silent soaring soul.

Three sides by the sea adjacent to welcome Phong is quite steep cliff high above the road overlooking the sea, we feel blue over here as elsewhere, windy and cool unusual. Beaches and deep here in the place for active people, like the feeling of power from the waves put out put and very suitable for a favorite fishing subjects.

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