Bar-cafe Friendship

cafe-bar friendship gate

cafe-bar friendship gateFriendship, the name sounds warm and close. Warm in the architectural space with warm light color tone, close to the palm of blooming flowers, the young green banana bushes, mango trees shadow. Friendship, come to walk on the split-opened rocks with winding dark colors like a trail, to suddenly realize a lesson of life “passage beneath our foots…” Come to go through areca trees of childhood with areca’s sweet fragrance, to see the colorful five-colors flowers, come to see that we need each other in “friendship”…These are dotted out to create a deep, harmonious space for friendship garden. And it is also an open space for those who want to be immersed in nature…

Also if you need a private corner to share, to confide or to discuss jobs, you will have a space in air-conditioned rooms are designed based on the dominant colors with warm yellow by sunny, warm red, green color of green rice flakes, deep soaking of brown ceramic vase, the bright colorful of Dong Ho folk paintings, and especially the light of the canvas lanterns on the ceiling that is spreading but gentle warm to your sitting-down corner. Rather than fancy, chairs are designed with square blocks on the fake rattan materials, private and warm, beautiful tables on the same block with brocade rural scarves crossing. All the architectural blocks create a sense of peace and trust to share with friends…

Friendship is also more attractive to young people by selecting the soft music styles, youthful but also no less profound. Fascinated by the cocktail drinks, mocktail, wines and other exciting dishes for breakfast. Attracted by the drinks sets named with beautiful dolls, the pink buds, light pink that are very interesting to hear. Attracted by girls who serve in pink costume with the colors tone of fresh lotus, attentive attitude, dynamic and professional.

Friendship has a special appeal for information for young people: Bar / discotheque on the top floor of friendship will be put into operation in near future.

Friendship, come to feel a space bright colorful sparkling in the night and deep peace of a new day awaits you…

Address: 109-111 Binh Gia,Vung Tau.
Tel: 064.582587
Email: [email protected]

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