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coffee cupsVung Tau has many coffee shops therefore we can not know a day in the city of Vung Tau people consume how many pounds of coffee powder, but we can confirm there are so many. Being a man addicted to strong flavor and color of the shiny black coffee drops, so besides the steaming hot coffee cup, there is always my best friend, who is also addicted and loves coffee more than me. He has a habit of drinking coffee in a certain number of shops, but if he goes to the new coffee shop, he does not drink coffee but he only eats mixed fruits and drinks fruit juices. Many times I demanded curiously, he begins to confess that he does not trust the quality of coffee that much, he is sure they are not the pure coffee.

According to him, almost all these coffee powder are black powder made from corn and fire roasted soybeans, soaked in the chemical flavoring. Seeing that I hesitated not to believe, how come there are “coffee” that made from corn or soybeans, it’s unbelievable! He said: “The press reported that fake coffees are full out there, don’t you know? Coffee from the planting to harvest, shelling dried, unprocessed, the price is almost 30.000vnd/kg. Before being carried away for consumption, coffee must go through several stages such as roasting, drying, grinding fine, several types of butters and milks must be laced, then now the coffee powder is a finished product to enjoy, only the rudimentary price is at least more than 2 times, that so many cafes imported coffee powder of unknown origin at just 25 – or the highest is 30.000vnd/kg.

chemicals to make coffee powderThose who tout for many no-name “coffee makers”, offers their products samples to multiple coffee shops, each sample is a few pounds of coffee! A friend who sells coffee powder revealed it. Come on, just think, in your coffee drinks how many percent of real coffee and how many percent of chemicals? Flavoring chemicals are everywhere now, like ice cream, cake or milk bath, shampoo, room sprays… or if you want fruit flavor, or whatever type of flowers you can come to the chemical markets, these flavoring chemicals can be bought easily. Sweet, there are saccharine, sour, there are Citric Acids, bitter taste there are quinine, artificial coffee flavors such as: DD1, HK, MOCA, fox odor,… What kind of flavors do you want? There are always more of them available. Although the authorities have warned about the dangers of the industrial flavorings to human health, but because of high profits these sellers disregard the health of consumers, they don’t care, “dead or alive, money is pocketed.”

On the market there are many coffee companies ensure the quality, reputable, healthy and safety of users such as Trung Nguyen, Vinacafe, Nestcafe (Nes’tle), Buon Me Thuot, Lion (Rainbow), etc. But besides that there are many “so-called coffee maker companies”, mixing in, parallel with real coffee. So people who enjoy coffee without awareness, their tastes are easy to be deceived and then everyday, carelessly “loaded” into the precious bodies a few cups of coffee that are only the whole soy flour and popcorn burned and laced with chemicals. Of course, they will not harm the user immediately, but in the long run it is sure that the food industrial chemicals does not completely healthy.

keep your eyes openBro H., a famous café owner in Vung Tau revealed to me how to recognize it as pure coffee, while looking at the coffee powder it must be umber, hands touching powder feels dry and porous, moderately fragrance, strong taste, while enjoying, must feel the fragrance and pleasant bitterness, real coffee cups when it is drank to the end it remains the same strong feeling. Fake coffee is the opposite, because have the impurities caramel (increase the weight) so the powder seems wet, when be out to the air for about 2 minutes, it is clumping powder  and will have a very dark color, tar odor fragrance, just fragrant at early, after drinking a few sips it is no longer aromatic, and its black color remains even when adding more water. He said not all coffee shops use low-quality coffee, because there are coffee shop owners have enthusiasm, in addition to business purposes, the profits, to bring people to enjoy the coffee cups of pure coffee flavor is also their passion, it represents a sense of responsibility for community health.

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