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About Rainbow Company Limited (RBC)

Modern life is increasingly and constantly evolving rapidly and making strong human life is becoming better, the demand on a higher life, requires more than good products to and appropriate service needs.

– With faith in the capability and wisdom of the Vietnam absolutely not worse than other countries, desire to rise to international level. Our intense aspiration is aspiration of Vietnamese people.

– Every new day begins, millions of people worldwide are enjoying coffee, tea to more conscious, awakened new ideas, or cup cocoa, hot cereal full of energy. Because that’s how wonderful to start a new day filled with energy and enthusiasm. Rainbow Vietnam cultural insight and energy necessary for a new day, Rainbow’s products meet the essential needs with quality products such as Lion Cafe, Cafe Sigma, Beta 3in1 Coffee, Tea Earl, Ca Cao Gama, cereal Yoga, Pure Spring Water Jolly.

Rainbow’s products not only gives you excellent quality, full of energy, youthfulness, but also awakened new ideas that are latent in you.

– We are fully aware of timely attention and appropriate action of every person, every employee, every customer and all the new community formed a lasting foundation.

“Good product for the good life and more prosperity”

Contact Information:

Rainbow Company Limited (RBC)Head Office:
Address: Pongdrang, Krongbuk, Buon Ho District, Dak Lak. 

Southern branch offices:
Address: 178 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Vung Tau City.
Hotline: (064) 355.2222
Phone: (064) 3580.120 – Fax: (064) 3583.783
E-mail: [email protected] – Website: www.rainbow.com.vn

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