The Recommended Coffee Shops

Classic coffeeClassic Coffee is at 24 Truong Cong Dinh St., Ward 3, city of Vung Tau. – Coffee Bar Classic attracts many visitors, especially young people in the city and even tourists by beautiful scenery mixed with classic modern style, very unique and very impressive, do not leave a mark be forgotten when the customers come here just once.
Garden area with beautiful umbrellas, murmuring water system, beautiful flowers are carefully groom, diners can sit comfortably chatting with friends. Bar area is luxurious, suitable for meeting, discussing work. Bar with imported wines of all kinds: Martini, Canadian, Bordeaux, …

Cat Bien CoffeeCat Bien Café is located opposite Front Beach, with lyrical scenery and a romantic beach city. Sand Sea and the space wide open enjoying the breeze blowing in from the sea. Cat Bien Café with many services such as cafes, bars, restaurants, discotheques. At the same time, consistent with extensive menu and attractive to many drinks and delicious food. Specially, Cat Bien has many interesting programs such as the Organization of the music performed live with many popular artists in general and of Vietnam’s Ba Ria-Vung Tau in particular, direct TV matches from the stadium and dog racing in Lam Son Ba Ria-Vung Tau, broadcast live football matches in the domestic and international…With attentive service attitude and professionalism of the staff, the Cat Bien Café is truly a reliable address for guests and local visitors as well as the Vung Tau tourists.
Address: 38 Quang Trung-Vung Tau.
Tel: 064.819033.

MOBI CoffeeAlthough not located in the heart of Vung Tau, but coffee Mobi lying on Nguyen Huu Canh street crowded capital has become increasingly more robust. From here you do not enjoy the bar scene before airy spacious. Aisles neatly formed small bridges, the drop in gold fish swim around funny, hear the murmuring water interspersed with the sound of melodious music Zheng you also enjoy the cup when coffee and wireless access (Wireless), under the attentive service of friendly young staff, you will feel satisfied.
Panoramic view of the cafe Mobi think probably everybody to have a cute cafe like this would be its owner hired its own architect, but not a head start! All of these supplies utensils in the restaurant one can easily see the gaudy decorations from ingenious mini waterfall, lotus pond drop, the furniture, pots of green plants to the lovely cup etc … are due to hand the bartender a thick design choices.
Mr. Nguyen The Luc, the bartender said he did Gas business, but he has long enjoyed the cafe opened here because he wanted to be in a place for friends to relax, meeting. It is important that he wants customers to the coffee Mobi will always feel happy and comfortable.
Cafe Mobi: 13 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 9, Vung Tau City
Phone: 064. 596706

cafe familyLying on Hoang Hoa Tham street, although not located in the center of of Vung Tau, but FAMILY CAFE has attracted many visitors. A feeling of peace and the coffee front airy ambience. The structure of the shop coupled with the ingenious fancy decorations from the waterfalls, the hills… truly touches the human heart … FAMILY CAFE to you such as finding a separate space for his small family, the chaos of everyday worries seem to be shared with the cool canopy of trees, the murmuring waterfalls and laughter giggle of a child.
I like the natural heart is experiencing at the hands of people who come to FAMILY CAFE.
– FAMILY CAFE-the ideal place to share inspiration in life. Come and feel!.
In addition to delicious drinks, the restaurant offers breakfast …. You can just enjoy the charming coastal dish, mix the pace of relaxing life!
Inevitable to mention the hospitality of the owner and the attentive service of the restaurant staff.
FAMILY CAFE-the ideal place to share inspiration in life. Come and feel!
Family Cafe – 35 Hoang Hoa Tham Street – Ward 3 – City. Vung Tau.
Tel: (064) 858428.

Deep in the small alley pure and quiet, Café Loi Ve seems to be where to stop, rest and contemplate the footsteps of town and as the name “home passage still waiting for the exile to return…”
Style of Loi Ve is decorated with simple but sophisticated, with cool and calm, with small trees contract, with bonsai and water flow, moss green with nostalgic concept, with birds singing peacefully you will be like sitting back, listen quietly to our hearts, share friendship, love privately. Come here to look at ourselves with the eternal lesson of human life calligraphy hanging in the bar. Come here to listen to the tunes of the old pre-war love songs of Trinh Cong Son, Pham Duy Ngo Thuy Mien’s or. Come here to forget the noisy city and town, to watch one’s shadow…And there is nothing more exciting while just sipping a fragrant cup of coffee and enjoy the “medley melody” with the famous bands in the sound of guitar, violin in the thursday evening every week. And even more interesting while you get typing down to cantering surf the wireless internet (WiFi) or just listening to the music and enjoy a cool glass of orange juice or glass of grapefruit juice with the gentle clear loss taste or breakfast snacks… And you will see a wide world is opened with the inexhaustible store of mankind knowledge on the internet…
Address: 266 / 1 Le Hong Phong, Vung Tau city.

cafe86Café 86 is located at a single location intersection of Front Beach and Back Beach of Vung Tau city. Restaurant is located opposite the sea. You will be extremely interesting to come to shop with romantic and poetic cool. Come sit down to hear the surf and watch the beautiful Vung Tau, especially you can watch sunrise or sunset on the land of white sand and ocean plants. Attractive and richer when you step into Café 86 you will be enjoying the exchange program of music every night from 19h30 to 22h30. Besides, the coffee shop also serves breakfast with attentive and professional service.
Address 1: 92 Ha Long, Ward 1, Vung Tau.
Address 2: 12C, Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 2, Vung Tau.

Dong Dao cafe barDong Dao-coffee bar is one of the first cafe opened a unique architectural style for new café space in Vung Tau. Here you will enjoy the fresh air while sitting under the shade trees of green mango, pineapple banana sitting next to shine with the foliage and cool features you’ll be looking at the water wheel system with the water. More unique as the landscape here was more photographers with fashion designers and models chosen to shoot the scenes to introduce the models. Café – Bar Dong Dao is also known for the unique flavor of the fruit cocktails, the ice cream, especially the new flavors of mocktail.  Shop also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. And also the fun is multiplied when you get attentive attitude of service from professional staffs here.
Address: 132 Ly Thuong Kiet-Vung Tau.
Tel: 064.511485.

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