Dinh Co Festival: Ready to welcome pilgrims.

Parade of escorting the Co's Spirit to Dinh Co temple
Parade of escorting the Co's Spirit to Dinh Co temple

Parade of escorting the Co's Spirit to Dinh Co temple

Dinh Co Festival (Long Hai Town, Long Dien District) this year will take place from 14 to 16-3 (from 12-2 to 10 th lunar month). By this time, preparations for the festival has finished. TET HOLIDAY OF SEA AREAS Fishermen: Regulation, on the 10th lunar month every year to 12-2 as tens of thousands of locals and visitors looking back on the festival there are enough things to pray for peace and enjoy the life style charming painted marine scenes. Dinh Co Festival is considered the largest festival of the fishermen in Antarctic waters. According to legend, two centuries ago, a virgin named Le Thi Hong born in Tam Quan, Binh Dinh, unfortunately after a distress at sea Hon Han was when last round 16. Local fishermen had buried her in Co Son Hill (Mui Nho), and they set up the beach shrine. In 1930, Long Hai fishermen moved her to the mountain shrine Ky Van, where is now the Dinh Co Temple.

Mr. Thai Van Canh, Head of Management of historical culture Dinh Co said, Dinh Co Festival in Long Hai is considered day festival of seafarers. “3-day festival, boats for fishermen in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province and neighboring provinces to focus on the waters of Long Hai, Dinh Co forward to the ceremony. Boat and boats decorated, flags and flowers are gorgeous, nose back to the boat, into the glass pot with Dinh Co ​​desire to bless the trip successful and safe “- Mr. Canh said.


Even a month before the festival, the road from the town of Long Hai Dinh Co has installed the gates greet the eye, attracting the attention of tourists. In order to prepare for the Dinh Co Festival 2011, Long Dien District People’s Committee has planned to protect security and order, safety festival. Accordingly, about 500 officials, police and soldiers are arranged to ensure security and order, fire in the district. Moreover, the Palace manager relics She also mobilized more than 750 people in service logistics. Board of Management of Long Dien district resorts to strengthen management, inspection and supervision to ensure the businesses beach, pool, hotel listing price and selling at the prices listed, ensure hygiene and food safety; rescue organization networks, emergency marine accidents to ensure safety for tourists …

Mr. Canh said, Dinh Co festival in 2010 attracted around 50,000 pilgrims. This year, passenger traffic is forecast to equal or outnumber. So, after the Tet Lunar New Year, many meetings for the festival has been held to festival safety, success, such as protection, traffic management, staffing the primary Committee, strengthening the police force, border guards, civil defense, increasing patrols and resolutely deal with cases of violation of pocket to reduce accidents, theft during the holidays.

“Recently, some researchers have put forward the idea of scale upgrade Dinh Co Festival. Many suggested that the Assembly should extend at festivals such as the more traditional games, open exhibit photos of fishermen, the local pictures… It is also desired by the Management Board and the people are relics Marine trades in particular, the people of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province in general. We hope to expand and upgrade the festival will soon be taken to more and more people know about the Dinh Co Festival, thereby promoting more tourism, local culture to the people inside and outside countries “- Mr. Thai Van Canh said.

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