Festivals: Trung Cuu, Nghinh Ong, Thang Tam Temple, Dinh Co


Culture of Ba Ria – Vung Tau is the harmonious combination of all three North – Central – South. So, like other provinces in Vietnam, Ba Ria – Vung Tau has many folk festivals: Trung Cuu festival, the Nghinh Ong festival, Thang Tam Temple festival, Dinh Co festival…

  • The Nghinh Ong(great the Spirit Whale fish) festival:


This festival is held in the fishing village in the province when the fishing season begins. Rituals performed in each place is different but there is always a procession of greeting Ong(the Big Fish) repertoire (whale) on the beach and then the “hat boi”(vietnamese opera) organization. In Vung Tau, the annual Nghinh Ong festival was held at the Ca Ong mausoleum (Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Vung Tau city) is the most solemn.



This is where Ca Ong was worship, with the title “Army Gen. Nam Hai” granted by Thieu Tri King. The festival was held coinciding with the date of Via (days lost) of fish. The festival lasted three days, from 16 to 18 August every lunar year include: Ca Ong rituals (ceremonies nghinh Ong (great the spirit Whale fish) in several small boats ornate, bright lighting display), Tien Hien worship, sacrifice spirit, sacrifice in the village…















  • Than Thang Tam Temple Festival:

According to legend Thang Tam Temple worshiped all three, they had built the three villages named Thang (Victory) in Vung Tau. Annual festival Thang Tam Temple was held for 4 days, from 17 to 20 February in lunar calendar. This is the festival for safety, is the end and beginning of a harvest season of shrimp and fish. This event held so sophisticated: sacrifice, offering sacrifices, incense offering… The Assembly has many games such as lion dance, vietnamese opera (hat Boi)… Thang Tam Temple Festival is a special cultural activities of the coastal people of Vung Tau.





  • Trung Cuu festival:

Organized a day, from night 8 to September 9 lunar calendar. The annual Trung Cuu Festival at 9/9 lunar year, held in Long Son Big House. this is a festival for peace, a festival for people to be healthy, peaceful, festive place on the 8th night and day 9 / 9 lunar calendar…. Night 8 / 9 is called the ceremony Tien Thuong non-vegetarian worshiping, mainly produce the people brought into the worshiping. And the 9 / 9 is called Chanh Gio (main worshiping ceremony), the festival does not hold much flexibility as other major festival is to offer incense, prayers pray, and remember the merits of Mr. Tran. However, in these days thousands of visitors converge on this cross, especially in the provinces of eastern and southwestern regions, consider themselves adherents of the Mr. Tran. Visitors come here can find new things that people here have created at will and their desire, in addition to their repertoire of understanding.


  • Dinh Co festival:

Organized three days, from 10th to February 12th lunar month. Just as “Lord” in Kien Giang, “Sam Mountain” in An Giang, the name “Dinh Co ” in Long Hai has become familiar to tourists from everywhere. It is a small temple worshiping a virgin died in the water, lying on the windswept tip of the hill in Long Hai beach. Dinh Co was built by faith, the faith of the people. A legend, 191 years ago, the corpse of a girl about 16 years old washed ashore, her name is Le Thi Hong Thuy, born in Phan Rang, her father named Le Van Khuong, driving Prau boat sweep against Middle – South, to fishing, and exchange goods made of bamboo plaiting. Everytime Prau boat was through the sea of Long Hai, She saw corporeity landscape, often wish to stay living here.

One stormy night, God pleased Her wish, She was brought ashore by the waves, stay on the white sand beach, where She had wanted ever. The sand module to protect Her, the waves make thousands of songs to lullaby Her sleep. The villagers see Her as a goddess sacred tomb, setting on the hill, next to the shrine built. The first is just a tomb of soil, temple built of bamboo leaves. Temple and tomb change gradually with the sacred, fulfillment increasingly widespread. Once (circa 1966), fired the temple, the temple was rebuilt into a more spacious. Earlier in 1990, Dinh Co was rebuilt with funds raised by pilgrims, then became a solidified palace today.

After Dinh Co was built, Long Hai fishermen have more mental strength to cope with the strenuous, arduous. Their achievement, the villagers often attributed to Her, woven into many poetic legends, mostly about Her spirit responses to gentle persons beyond difficulties. Respect for Her has become customary for Long Hai people, which conceals a desire and belief in the peaceful life and prosperity. Every year, the festival usually open for 3 days (lunar calendar in February 10,11,12), all day all night. Tens of thousands of pilgrims from the West, Ho Chi Minh City, Lam Dong, Binh Thuan …flocked to the Long Hai to attend “Co ‘s Death anniversary” crammed together in the pine forests, on beaches, in the hallway space to stay overnight, attend full 3-day meeting. They must come a few days early, hope to find accommodation. Many people bring their children, bring all cooking utensils to eat off-site. Night falls, poplar forest crunch, whispering waves, sparkling polished moon, the wind blows … charming landscape make people forget the hard work but pleased with the the nature of pilgrimage trips. From dawn on 10 August 2002 lunar calendar, people began to visit Her. Each people usually held in the hand a branch of white lily symbolizes purity. Young people eager to please, the pious old man squeezed together over 187 stairs to offer incense, ask for fortune in the main hall. Nights 10 and 11 are flower festival. Shining lights are harmony with the moon. Tens of thousands of boats turn the bow back at Dinh Co, gongs, drums bustling whole night. The main ceremony was held from early morning on 12. From the main hall, people rectify flags, fans and come the beach, went aboard and set sail to celebrate “welcome Her”.

Ceremony “welcome Her” was solemnly celebrated. The chief worship leader, student union ceremony followed, with flags, parasols, Hoa Dang brilliantly. A boat, which put the altar is considered the boat for “welcome Her. “, were escorted by several dozen other boats. Union tandem boat out to sea, while the roaring gongs and drums rang out the sky. When arrived Mui Nho (Small Cape), where there is Her tomb, they go down the boat to visit the grave, to welcome Co(Her) return to Dinh(Palace). In particular, the ceremony “welcome Her” is still maintaining the form of oratorio “Sing Ba Trao”. The most interesting of the corporeity visitors is not in the inner hall, but is Long Hai beach panorama of the bustling festival. Standing in the hallway of the main hall, it feels like being in the middle of the sea and the sky interference, between ocean waves flap the shore like silk weaving, and Dinh Co in “recovering dragon” stance trying to fly. Therefore, go to the Dinh Co Festival is not only pious, but also the writer, poet, and the couple went looking for hearts fluttering. Beautiful natural scenery and architecture of Dinh Co(Her Palace), Mo Co(Her tomb) and the romantic beach integrated into a famous scenic place.

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