Bang spring

Bang spring (Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau) – is a strange name with many people, because this stream is still primitive and far from residential areas, located in the forest. Only pupils, students looking for Ecological tourism destination, come here, regular visitors rarely visit this place. But once you’ve come here, ensure that you will be very interesting and hard to forget the feeling of being immersed in a stream with clear, cool with a beautiful natural scenery, peaceful, quiet.

From Ho Chi Minh City, driving to resort Binh Chau hot springs, where vehicles were available for rent is easy for you to go to Spring Bang such as motorcycles, tractors, ox wagon… But perhaps the ox wagon is the most interesting way. The distance from the Binh Chau resort to Suoi Bang is only 5 km, but if you travel by ox wagon, you will have to spent nearly an hour through the forest by the road made of fine white sand. Forest Road is very beautiful. Both sides have the young forest, with section of the thick forest. You can hear the sound of monkey calls, deer calls colonies, forest birds chirping cry… There are section steep, strenuous ox have to pull the wagon up slowly, sometimes you have to jump down and push, and shouted: “Come on, hold on.” Excited!

Arrive, the first impression is clear stream running through the trees and huge rocks, but quite flat, it is possible to put your belongings on, or even camping on the rocks. Occasionally the stream has a few rocks sticking up for your bathing, climbing for a rest, playful. The unique thing is the stream with two zones, separated by a grove of bamboo forest that the tour guide would say is that “for the gentleman” and “area for women.” Both the two areas are beautiful, and the water is very clear, fresh and cool… If you’ve been sea bathing, river or pond bathing, the spring has a hobby of it, almost any stream are also blessed the scene for “poetic nature just like painting”, what are flowers, butterflies, rocks, beautiful trees, murmuring sound of streams, … when do a stream bathing, you are immersed in pristine nature, wild.

See the potential of this tourist destination, in recent years, the tourism sector in Ba Ria – Vung Tau has the attention of investment. Although not yet properly, but we hope that in the near future, Bang spring will become the unique destination of Ecological tourism.

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