Vung Tau Golf Course – Paradise golf club

Vung Tau Paradise golf course

Vung Tau Paradise golf courseIs considered one of the most powerful attractions in the city of Vung Tau, Paradise Golf is built on gently sloping terrain, there are deeper-lying places, make provision for different levels of sight.

Moderately sloping yard, small undulating hills, gentle, create soft curves to the ground. Golf green space connecting with blue space of the sea creating a timeless space, helps golfers feel relaxed, gently after the stress of attempting to work everyday.

Vungtau Paradise has 27 holes of golf. Grounds of each golf course has different shapes, depending on type of golf. Style golf course was designed based on the style of the grandmasters in the world, modeled on the shape of the sample golf courses that had celebrities to play. So each type of golf course has different lengths, wide – narrow and different shapes.

Border around the golf course is a divider by the herb plants retained their wild looks. In each golf course, there can be styled natural lakes, dotted with purple flowers of aquatic flowers such as lilies, lotus make the golf course becomes more poetic. Young green of the grass, dark green of the trees, immense blue sky, sweeping in a vast green space connecting between these golf course with other golf courses.

Each golf session usually lasts over 3 hours, during that time, golf players walk in a quiet space. After golf, guests can be down to the beach. Many travelers have slept here overnight to be able to play golf in a space of pure sky and earth in the dawn morning.

According to Ba Ria Vung Tau, now, fee to play golf at Vung Tau Paradise golf club can be paying in two ways: to pay long-term players buy cards or pay per session of playing golf. Golf Card is a form of long-term investment capital contribution to the golf course, owner of Golf Card can be playing on the golf course as long as it exists.

Vung Tau Paradise golf have regular contacts with some of other countries merchants association, the golf tour in the world, Vietnam Golf Association … So, every two months, Vung Tau Paradise golf club organizes a golf competition with hundreds of participants. Golf awards are supported by businesses.

Vung Tau Paradise Golf Club

Address: Thuy Van, Hang Duong District
Phone: 0643.853428

Vung Tau Paradise Golf challenging 27-holes of championship golf – all of these combine to challenge and entertain
Number of hole
Club House, Driving range, Restaurant,Locker…
Price Pax
Weekday $70
Weekend $90

Green fee and Caddy fee

Tips to caddy, personal fee, rental fee…

Booking depend on golf availability

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