Vung Tau cost of life

According to my experience, living in Vung Tau City is great. Vungtau cost of life is not expensive. Vung Tau is a popular tourist area, i also lives here, most people living here are from the external domain into a new career. old and new have. Depending on the needs of your living expenses, worker earnings are about 2 million vnd are still alive. It is very easy to apply as the unskilled workers. But if you are a qualified, or a skilled worker, the better earnings you will get.

Vung Tau has a wonderful climate with just two seasons rainy and dry. At a rainy day, it just rain around 1 or 2 hours as the sun immediately. Not as cold as Northern, Southern life is most relaxed compared to the Northern Vietnam. If you go for lands in the districts around Vung Tau city, you should find lands about 100m2 to 300m2 with the price of 100 – 300 million vnd.

Besides, Tan Thanh district is an industrial port city, near Long Thanh international airport 45 km from Vung Tau, and to HCMC is 45 km (in the direction of Nhon Trach). If you want a new career, this is the best place because there are now many areas, industrial complexes are being built. There needs a lot of workers. Ordinary workers here with income range 1.5 – 3 million vnd are still alive.

Front beach life in Vung tau

Front beach life in Vung tau

Many people here worked for several years, If hard savings, you can also have business and land. If you have capital, the better life you will get. Vung Tau is clean and beautiful with very pretty lines, have mountains and wonderful beaches. If you live alone, you should go to Vung Tau rent a room to see how is the living standards and then make a decision later. Cost of life in Vung tau is cheap, compared to Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi.