Ba Ria – Vung Tau Tourism.

Ba Ria – Vung Tau province is one of the gateway between Vietnam and the world, systematic ocean, river and air routes is very convenient.

Besides the huge potential of oil and gas. Ba Ria – Vung Tau has gradually asserted its tourism strengths, because of the potential advantages of natural and cultural richness. Ba Ria – Vung Tau is a harmonious natural populations, paint aquatic realm, there are major mountain ranges – Mount Small – Minh Dam, Dinh mountain shielding, far away from the East Sea is surrounded Con Dao, near a Long Son of gathering …

Besides the beautiful beach with fine sand gently, said to Ba Ria – Vung Tau can not not mention two famous native forests: the forbidden forest of Binh Chau – Phuoc Buu and Con Dao national forest with species rare plants and environment gathering more diverse forest types of ecological regions.
Resort to the Binh Chau hot mineral springs, visitors to really enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of warm, smoky mist momentum is washed in forest trees scattered like the fairyland, this is the residential resort, treatment with hot mineral water useful.

Ba Ria – Vung Tau is also a land of cultural tradition with a long history of the monument bearing the stamp of the historical period, the province there are 29 monuments national ranking.

With the advantages and great potentials mentioned above, the last time Ba Ria – Vung Tau has achieved strong growth, a series of foreign investment projects in the fields of hotel, entertainment location, routes, destinations with a total capital investment of hundreds of millions of dollars are very busy operation. Ba Ria – Vung Tau now has 65 hotels with over 2,300 rooms including 1100 rooms are recognized international standards.

Under the master plan of tourism development in Ba Ria – Vung Tau (1995 – 2010) with five economic centers – travel in the near future, Ba Ria – Vung Tau will grow strongly, commensurate with its status and the potential of an important tourism center of the country.

Vung Tau city

Vung Tau City, Ho Chi Minh City and 125 km and 90 km from Bien Hoa City. Vung Tau is like an island because it is surrounded on three sides by the sea and rivers in court Wednesday language.


The city has a coastline stretching 20 km, mostly undulating cliffs from the foot of Big Mountain and Little Mountain ranges run out bien.Tu Bong Phong Dao welcome to the nose, the beach created by the steep cliffs. an estuary and Gulf of favorable wind for ships to anchor.

Land and sand dunes

Besides the two mountain Big Mountain and Little Mountain, the remaining land has Vung Tau is composed of layers of sand. This type of land suitable for crops: mango, custard apple, longan are grown in the city.

Vung Tau city sandy hills lying parallel to the beach runs from the foot of Little Mountain to the Cua Lap length of about 10km, from 4m to 12m high. Through these hills of sand that flows from the sea winds blowing in the direction of the Southeast do not wear colored damage trees.


Vung Tau City there are two located in the mountains southwest of the city:
· Big Mountain (also called a relative term) an area of about 400ha of the summit of Big Mountain (245m), Vung May (220m), Hon Sup (215m).
· Little Mountain (also called Tao Phung) 138m high, an area of about 180 ha.


After the sand hills running parallel to the beach is a lotus lake stretches from the foot of Little Mountain to the Best Thang, the shower is running to the forest area of Cay Khe off Vung Tau City.

400ha large lotus pond is a landscape and a source of abundant food. It’s catching fish, eels, frogs … and seeds harvested lotus, lotus in the lake looking for processing the special guests.


Vung Tau city has only one major river is River Palace. River originates from Mount Palace, which flows through Phuoc Le, swept the Northwest Vung Tau 11 km long, widest 300m 1000m narrowest spot, one 25 m deep breath.

Northeast Cay Khe canal city has a 6 km. Located 7.9 km long She canal barrier, making the boundary between the First and Wins Second Victory.

Victory in the Second, behind Ben Dinh island is 5.5 km long canal Ben Dinh, Phuoc Thang east where there are 3 canals Cua Lap sea water into the canal city of Mr. Nam, canals and ditches Spring Song Cai. Rivers in Vung Tau is also the beautiful scenery.


Small mountain detour (Ha Long Road) running from Front Beach Road to the nose Nghinh Phong Thuy Van (Bai Sau) 6km long legs hugging the mountains, running up steep, with the run to the sea, is inserted between the leg area green trees. Walk this way, tourists are breathing fresh air, enjoying the sea breeze, the scenery and the vast sea of ever-changing scenery along the road.

Big Mountain Roundabout (Tran Phu) run around the slopes of Big Mountain, from Ben Dinh – Sakya – Buddhist Radio – Bai Dau Beach Prior to 10km long, the sea surface 40 – 50 meters one side of the mountain, the sea bottom, hero Less than a detour great mountain, there are many places along the way like a statue of Mary, Mount Ghenh Rai, Ben Stone Electric Ba …

The rocky headlands

Where many travelers to the wind that is tip Nghinh Phong, where the wind blows all year round. There is also before the White Palace Stone nose, nose first stone Cao Trang roundabout in Big Mountain, as well as the afternoon where visitors have to walk.

On the way around the small mountain after crossing from Vong Nguyet, if noticed guests will find a small island as a tria mountain water’s surface. When lowering the net one can walk out here, over a jagged rock bridge, which is more than three.

Weather – Meteorology

Vung Tau peninsula has an average temperature lower than the southern provinces bordering the East Sea on three sides by year round windy, temperatures average around 28 degrees C, average rainfall 1.500mm/nam.

Vung Tau has two distinct seasons, depending on the wind, the wind blows in two directions almost opposite each other, except on the transition. Southwest monsoons blow in the rainy season (from May to October), northeast monsoon blows in the dry season (from November to April). Strong wind speed of about 35km/gio. In April and October are the months of the season switch, light wind, small waves offshore. Vung Tau little storm or typhoon is negligible thus become good shelter for boats.

Tide type tide, twice daily tides are up and down. The largest tidal amplitude is 4-5 m.

Sea temperature changes little year round surface water temperatures around 24-29 degrees C, bottom temperature of about 26.5 to 27 degrees C.

With the characteristics of climate, weather and blessed, Vung Tau has and always will be one of the leading tourist centers of the country.


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