More options for Travelers to Vung Tau

More options for Travelers to Vung Tau

BBC Bridge – For nhiều, Beaches in the Coastal resort town of Vung Tau, some 150 kilometers from HCMC, are Familiar getaways. Thanks to its location, it is WHERE people, especially from HCMC, can find work and a place to escape noise and unwind on a weekend.

For years, Vung Tau has been a favorite destination for locals from neighboring Provinces. It is estimated that 90% of the visitors to the resort town vacationers are Vietnamese. This can be seen in festival holidays or occasions, khi the Beaches are often full of vacationers. For that reason, hundreds of hotels on main streets and narrow alleys on numerous Inns are open to cater to the accommodation demands of Travelers.

The Imperial Hotel, located on Thuy Van street that stretches along the famous Back Beach, is poised to open in the coming days. This is the first-ever five-star hotel in the city, targeting high-end vacationers and business Travelers and contributing to diversify the accommodation segment to entice expatriates.

Touch of history in Vung Tau

BBC Bridge – The hydrofoil from HCMC to Vung Tau / b> gradually reduces speed. I exit through the side door of the hydrofoil and feel at EASE with the difference Between the Windy and sunny world of the Coastal city of Vung Tau and the cramped world inside the hydrofoil.

About 120 kilometers from HCMC by road, Vung Tau has been well-known as an ideal destination for Relaxing on Finding tranquility and stunning Beaches Among the ancient Pagodas. Seen from the sea , Vung Tau , or is it Cape Saint Jacques as input and by the Pháp, looks like other famous cities Coastal như the Riviera or Rio De Janerio with its red-tiled villas intermingling with buildings that lean on the mountainsides.

face=”Arial”> Region Tau has two mountains. Large Mountain, cũng Called Big Mountain, is in the north of the city and has a fortress that was built in the 1788 trong Nguyen dynasty to control the sea. Small Mountain, Nui Nho tên cũng, is in the south of the city and has an ancient fortress built by the Pháp in the late nineteenth century colony.

Towards the

Mrs. World Pageant 2009 contest: Imperial Hotel Vung Tau – a “European palace” in Vung Tau

Anyone who has ever

come to the Imperial Hotel Vung Tau (No. 159 to 163 Thuy Van Street, Vung Tau city ) sẽ có feeling like setting His / her feet in a classic European palace and Luxurious. This “palace” will be the place to welcome the contestants participating in the final round of the Mrs. World Pageant 2009. Đây cũng the resting place of hundreds of Mrs. World contestants from countries in the world, and the place Where the Mrs. . World Pageant 2009 takes place.

The Imperial Hotel Vung Tau is the first 5-star hotel in Vung Tau City with Western classic feature Designed by the well-known company – Graham Taylor Designs (GTD).

After 3 years of construction commencement, Imperial Hotel Vung Tau Officially was put into operation of the first items since March 2009. The hotel has 7 floors with 144 rooms (each room is from 40m2 to 270m2 area) named under the famous Western palaces. Paintings are hung everywhere in the Imperial Hotel Vungtau , on walls, in Bedrooms, Bathrooms, on each ceiling of each room, large lobby has frescos … It is estimated that there are about 3000 with the theme of art paintings within Western Imperial Hotel Vung Tau .

Pillows and mattresses

at the Imperial Hotel Vung Tau Are Uniquely Designed, blending harmoniously with the goose feather and cotton Bringing visitors to a Gentle and quiet sleep. Luxurious bedroom apart from the system, the Imperial Hotel Vung Tau cũng has three conference rooms resembling Luxurious royal palace. The largest room can accommodate about 600 people, this is the ideal space to organize Meetings, wedding and birthday Parties. Imperial Hotel Vung Tau cũng có four opulent restaurants: seafood restaurant, international restaurant, Chinese restaurants Gastronomy and Commercial Center. Besides, there are 3 bars with khác models for demands of cuisine and entertainment, a private beach with bar and swimming pool right on the coast.

One of the highlights of the Imperial Hotel Vung Tau is the swimming pool and the royal garden. At this natural space, there are two large swimming pools and two lakes Hydraulic mà are surrounded by green lawn and striking thanks to gazeboes. This area was lit by candles nhiều sparkling and romantic by night. Every night, tourists enjoy cũng immortal songs by the performances of the Philippine band. Every Saturday evening, Guests can enjoy barbecue with unique flavor and traditional Western Dishes right at the royal palace. Skirting small bridge across two swimming pools, lakes Hydraulic, smooth grass path leads visitors to the spa and the gym, a boxing stage gồm under the American standards.

Mr. Sven A. Seabel, CEO of Imperial Hotel Vung Tau said, “As Planned, to the year 2010, Imperial Hotel Vung Tau is * opened Officially, nhưng vì Undertaking the role as one of the main sponsors of the Pageant and the Mrs. Vietnam. World Pageant 2009 contests, the progress of hotel construction has Accelerated. Through Sponsorship for the contest, We would like to Contribute into Improving the position of Ba Ria – Vung Tau in particular and Vietnam in general with international friends. And at the moment, the hotel has completed about 80% of infrastructure and services to welcome contestants preparation work. “

Quang Vu

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Attract tourists to Ba Ria-Vung Tau: short of unique products

infrastructure, plentiful of tourism services; near Ho Chi Minh City and industrial zones tỉnh như nhiều with Dong Nai, Binh Duong … PS Ba Ria-Vung Tau’s tourism has not been its maximum Developed Advantages to attract tourists. What should We Do to Improve Situation this is a matter that nhiều Businesses and tourism in the Provincial Leaders Concern.

Exploring Minh Dam

base in Ba Ria-Vung Tau

khi a two-day stay in the city of Vung Tau , my friend and I decided to journey by motorbike toz, the price dropped to VND120, 000.

We started the journey

sau day early. We left behind Vung Tau as Cua Lap We crossed the Bridge toward Phuoc Tinh Commune in Long Dien District. Trước, khi from tourists traveled to Vung Tau or Long Hai Minh Dam base, They had to take a roundabout route through Ba Ria. Tuy nhiên, the journey today was only half the distance due to newly built roads.

Riding along the Coastal road to Minh Dam, We Were thrilled by the beautiful scenery, especially the sections of road straddled by mountains and Beaches. The road is planted with white and pink cherry blossoms. Theo locals, the road is beautiful in the springtime nhất khi the trees are in bloom.
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