Night market dining, fun weekend at Back Beach, Vung Tau.

Foreign tourists enjoy Muoi Xiem pancakes at World Food Culture Festival 2010 held at Vung Tau.

For years, Bai Sau (HCM Vung Tau) on the weekends is quite a tourist visit or stay overnight at the resort here. However, this area at night only stall selling the popular crafts, street vendors and mobile food stalls, tourists want to eat at night or relax, to go into the entertainment center or a storage area Prev. To meet the demand for entertainment and nightlife locals and tourists, should be reasonable to hold a market cuisine combines recreational activities, commercial … on the night on the weekends at the Back Beach…

VISITOR difficult to find satisfactory service for dining.

Foreign tourists enjoy Muoi Xiem pancakes at World Food Culture Festival 2010 held at Vung Tau.

Foreign tourists enjoy Muoi Xiem pancakes at World Food Culture Festival 2010 held at Vung Tau.

Ms. Nguyen Hong Lam, visitors from the city. Ho Chi Minh said, on weekends, she enjoys introducing children to the beach area to relax. Vung Tau province has beautiful beaches, fresh air near the city again. Ho Chi Minh City should keep her family a few weeks back to Vung Tau resort once. Her family often choose the hotel in the center of Bai After staying overnight for easy swimming and walking beach in the early morning and night. “However, in the beach area after only a few restaurants or the burden of mobile street vendors selling all kinds of seafood. Many walking on the sea, hungry to find a place to eat late at night to catch a taxi back to the city center. My children love to play games for children such as swings, slide, slide the float, trains … back to the beach before or supermarket chain in New Mart, “she complained Hong.

Many tourists to Vung Tau have a common comment, Bai After only busy during the day, and pretty quiet at night. On the length of 3km Thuy Van road running along the beach after nearly 2 / 3 the way (from hotel adjacent to the resort in October Paradise) is the empty lot, few people back. Separate the Phong welcome from the slopes to the hotel in October by the car quite exciting fine art sales, the burden of street vendors and other popular mobile restaurant, was built at the sidewalk sale of seafood such as squid, clams, oysters … attract crowds. The restaurant is spontaneous activity, product quality, service, and no one is managing food safety. When tourists “have problems” with the burden of fine-art street vendors and it will be very difficult to determine the responsibility of the owner. Ms. Nguyen Hong Lam said: “The fragrance of fish, squid, grilled octopus … very attractive, but the sidewalk sale days without being covered and not certified anything about food safety should only look were afraid to say anything to eat. ”


Night market food at Imperial Plaza.

Night market food at Imperial Plaza.

Vung Tau City has held culinary activities such as food fairs (Sea Festival 2006), Food Festival, Ba Ria-Vung Tau (2009), Wine Festival (2009), the culture festival real world (2010). However, this festival took place at a certain time should not meet the needs of visitors, shopping, dining. On weekends, the system resorts and hotels are often open all night buffet or thematic art culinary combinations to create more recreational space tourist attractions but most only stay in their hotel was the beneficiary. Mr. Bui Ngoc Hai, director Dic Star Hotel, said hotel group in 2006 and Cap Saint Jacques Dic Star opened the night market food in the sea resort DIC. However, after 2 years of maintenance, the night market to close because of crowded. Currently, weekend, and Cap Saint Jacques DIC Star Banquet buffet is a combination of cultural activities, arts and change the menu style “this season”, a party space and variable universal natural chemical but mainly stay in service and joyful atmosphere to the area of ​​interest, but if no avail, “Hai said. According to Mr. Hai, external factors Bai Sau infrastructure investment has not been made uniform waist scars crowded places, the natural conditions of Vung Tau, especially in the area Beach, when the season will be the wind major obstacles if not carefully calculated plan to organize the night market.

Recently, at meetings convened by the Tourism Association hosted a number of representatives of resorts, hotels in beach areas of the organization after food night market on weekends to serve tourists and residents method, the majority opinion agreed with the organization of night market food combining entertainment, leisure and shopping spot is necessary to create focal points, new products and eating places for tourists to Vung Tau City. However, the Association of Tourism should develop clear criteria, inviting businesses to participate and determine the venue, menu food, facilities, decoration, advertising, social security, sanitation … to maintain regular, long-term, unique to the night market.

Articles, photos: Dang Khoa (baobariavungtau)

Night market selling food dishes folk Plaza Imperial Vietnam was held on the weekend was initially known to tourists. If businesses work together to do, Imperial willing to invest in infrastructure and the Tourism Association building regulations and criteria for inviting businesses to participate. /.

Shopping needs of tourists souvenirs is very high. The arts and crafts products on sale at the beach today after failing to meet the shopping needs of customers with high expenditure. Investors to the night market infrastructure for financial potential, vision, subdivisions such as food, souvenirs, entertainment … be linked together and to have the investment and continuous innovation in form, quality and coordinate activities to make it attractive to tourists. /.

On weekends, most hotels are crowded, the transfer of customer service personnel at the unit has a difficult problem, let alone to send people to cut things like menu design, processing, transport, serving and protecting their stalls at the night market. So time should carefully consider the business organization to join but can still ensure the business plan at the unit. /.


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