Sea cable fault incidents affecting speed Internet Access International.

News from the Ministry of Information and Communications and representatives of providers of telecommunications services in Ba Ria-Vung Tau, said at the time 13 hours 30 minutes on 8-3-2011, branch AAG (Asia Amerrica Gateway ) into Vietnam is located in Vung Tau area was broken, causing all providers of telecommunications services operating on this route be affected slightly. This incident has made speed internet access to international instability. Currently, most Internet service providers have additional traffic other international cables to ensure the use of customer service. However, transactions and information exchange in Vietnam’s customers are not affected, there is still normal. Before this incident, the service provider has also made recommendations, customers should switch to using local services and restrict the use of internet services to avoid international impact of traffic congestion.
According to the understanding and knowledge, 9-3 pm to the internet service provider in Ba Ria-Vung Tau still not reflected on the status of customer traffic congestion, no internet access problems due to cable fault cause.

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