There have been several domestic and foreign experts attended the forum registration logistics and port services


11-3 am, Forum Organizing Committee, “Logistics and port services in the context of Vietnam in international economic integration” was the meeting held on the preparation of the forum. Mr. Ho Van Nien, Deputy Chairman, Head of the Organizing Committee forum chaired the meeting. Representative Office of the National Committee, members of the organization said, up to now, most experts in the field of logistics and domestic and foreign ports has reply attended the forum. In particular, experts in water content sent speech presentations.



According to reports by representatives of the Department of Trade and Industry, although very quick time, but preparation is made a part. To work faster deployment, the PPC recommended directing departments and sectors to coordinate the implementation of the work, such as security and communications. If difficulties are encountered on solicit funding, the company said VMARK, now only 5 units involved in sponsoring a forum with the total amount of 700 million.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Ho Van Nien, Deputy Chairman noted, to invite the object of interest from countries with strong operations and port logistics. Discussion at the forum had to close towards content. Particularly for local discussion should reflect the actual situation of logistics and seaport of the province today. Mr. Ho Van Nien requires the Department of Planning and Investment, Transport – Transport, Trade and Industry, port authorities Vung Tau provincial customs cooperation, support VMARK company active in the access business funding.

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Port logistics: Clear worries.

Field of the port logistic services in BR-VT

Field of the port logistic services in BR-VT

More than 10 years focused call for investment in development of regional port systems BR-VT, seaport projects turn into exploitation. The inadequacies of the lack of uniformity in economic development planning new port to be identified. It is missing the center of the port logistics services.

Talk about investing in the gravity field of the port logistic services in BR-VT, Le Thi Kim Huong – Director of Planning and Investment said: “Logistics is a vital area, before, port investment and development in this area are focused but not interested in logistics. Two years ago, the Central Province and many programs start guide investment in this area … Large projects have been implemented. I hope the project will soon be added logistics and facilitate import and export cargo development. ”

Inseparable logistics

In early 2010, BR-VT do not receive a small capital flow into the economic sector ports, port services, of which only three projects with the logistics of the third port investor, the total capital of up to 950 billion. 3 This project is seen as a timely complement deficiencies in development planning as well as attracting investment in the port sector in a period longer than 10 years in the area is considered prospective capacity of the country’s largest deepwater development. Previously, when planning the development of port clusters 5, BR-VT is the center for eight container port capacity through the port, averaging over 2 million standard containers (TEU) / terminals each year. But the planning only to make plans for wharf location without considering the service “depends” indispensable to the type of ports, particularly container port. Thus, to this point, when phase one of a series of projects have been put into exploitation, especially had two international container terminal operation as SP-PSA International Port, and Tan Cai Mep port. However, these ports are still self-storage, self-distributed computing container.

According to calculations, the design of container terminals at each port is only 300 m long, the longest is just 500 meters, only to meet a ship unloading / time. In the future, when 8 bulk container terminals in operation, the arrangement after the withdrawal of empty conrainer certainly very difficult because of the container as it would amount to nearly 20 million TEUs per year. Goods jam story is foreseen. This has led many port operators utmost concern. Mr. Tran Huu Trung Tin – Deputy Director Cai Mep port of agricultural products said: “Port grew too much, but transit terminals, storage to support the needs of the port is not developed. Do not do now, five years after the goods will be here obstructed. Two envelopes and then, Ho Chi Minh City has been. Now coming up here very nice port, very strong, but if this is the first condition will not run out. ” Mr. Tran Khanh Sinh – port director Tan Cang – Cai Mep analysis: “Seaports are never separated from the logistics operations. Because of the logistics to reduce distribution costs of manufacturers. Thus, any where, when industrial production up, to form the port logistics operations have to be. ”

Will have the port logistics system

Sharing the cares of the port operators, provincial leaders actively propose additions to the central development planning BR-VT ports in the center of the port services. At the same time actively seeking land fund, to call for investment in this area. To date, 15 investment projects in the field of logistics services by the province agreed to the policy and licensing. Of which 5 projects were granted investment certificates, three of whom were awarded certificates at the opportunity to invest early in 2010 include: Project storage and port services company’s stock investment and service Asian Infrastructure Services Project service area of ​​the storage container and Hoang Lam Co., Ltd. Project Centres Cai Mep container distribution of company stock investment advice and port development in Vietnam. The project mainly concentrated in the area of ​​Tan Thanh district, along the port has been formed. This is really a joy for investors and business port, while it also partially relieve the worries of managers, the local government in exploiting the economic potential of provincial ports.

However, the following services port projects have been licensed to virtually no investment in large scale. Much of the land area of ​​the project is only about several tens of hectares, the project just over 12 ha. Reportedly, the project area is the largest logistics warehouse logistics services of the Construction Company in My Xuan Hung Long, only about 71 ha. Invested projects were licensed is not large, the highest is just over 800 billion as projects JSC Investment Consulting and Development U.S. ports. Small area, which is fragmented, before this situation, the People’s Committee has assigned the management boards of industrial zones to calculate land for logistics services. Industrial Zone Management Board intends to win over 1,000 ha would Xia Cai Mep Industrial Zone service center for a large-scale logistics, to assume the responsibility as a service center, logistics port for the entire market Vai – Cai Mep area and Long Son, Vung Tau city.

Mr. Le Minh Chau – Chief Provincial Industrial Zone Management Board of BR-VT, said: “We plan to take down the Cai Mep Industrial Park to turn it into a service area of ​​logistics services for the port project. Investors choose not only the financial ability and experience of logistics services to deliver to them …”. Planned and resolved these concerns, the expression of BR-VT port will have the following system of port logistics services, to clear the way full-range operation of the port, creating momentum for the development of deep-water port Cai Mep Thi Vai.

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