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Meaning gifts for loved ones.

Since ancient times, ancient people known to use stones for healing, gemstones have the ability to adjust imbalances in the body and create energy within the human. We have the ability to modify the imbalance by, creating the potential energy per person. Doctors specializing in treatment methods for the stone that the stone has a wonderful ability to draw energy from the universe and of human thought, should have healing effects. Recently, French scientists have found more evidence that some rocks have the ability to exchange energy. They even proved that rock is not a static object that can “breathe” mobilize more resources and potential impacts to run special people who have some kind of stone work healing magic that science has not explained.

Here are some gems and features of their healing effects:
RUBY: Healing properties since ancient times, people already know how to use Ruby to prevent severe disease and gives the body energy. Rubi treatment of heart, brain, and increases the power of human memory. In a book about Russia’s ancient stones of rubies is said that this stone “expelled from the body, all diseases, keeping health.” Scientists believe that modern therapy, ruby can cure blood diseases, chronic inflammatory almonds, patients in the spine and joints. In addition, that the possibility of rubies in preventing seizures, there are good effects to the nervous system. This stone has the ability to treat depression, is effective in treating insomnia and schizophrenia. People are advised not to wear a ruby in the cases when the excess energy can be the beginning of “Yan”, neurological disorders and increased arterial pressure.

Sardonyx’s Healing Properties: In the bibliographic sardonyx medicine is about as follows: “If anyone dissolves this stone in water, drink water then he will likely lose the tumor in the abdomen and feel better “… Scientists modern treatment for that, Sardonyx promote regeneration process and thus helps faster bone fracture line. Sardonyx good effects to the digestive organs, endocrine system and spleen.

Topaz Healing Properties: Medieval means topaz is considered the best anti-poison. Today scientists believe that topaz protect people from flu, promoting tissue regeneration, in the treatment of digestive organs, liver, gallbladder, spleen. Topaz are also effective for insomnia and neurasthenia, eliminate stress. This stone strengthen the immune system and is used to prevent mental illness.

Amethyst Healing Properties: In ancient times believed that amethyst has the ability to protect employers against infection. The scientists believe that modern treatment of amethyst gaze reduces nervous excitement, to create peace and thanks. This works well for insomnia amethyst Groundwater restoration works cerebral circulation.

Diamond Healing properties: People had assigned to the diamond very strange healing properties. The ancient Hindus said that “vibrations” of diamonds have a positive impact to the various organs of the body, especially the heart and brain. Diamonds reduce fever, fight infections, help cure skin diseases, reduce fatigue and increase metabolism. Especially with detoxifying.

Sarphie healing properties: To make the healing properties of sapphire, its owners must be wise and kind. No coincidence that sapphire is called the “stones of the sisters”, it helps them preserve virginity. People said that sapphire energy receptors; They lower blood pressure, is effective against insomnia, back pain, feel and even look for cancer. Sapphire ring or add bracelet worn on the left to help treat asthma, heart disease and neuralgia. It is believed that sapphire can cure leprosy, and “everything else melanoma. ” Soaking water sapphire help cure eye diseases.

Opal Healing Properties: Hindus believe that opal help children grow. Having said that, while losing sparkling opal is a warning sign is the owner of the stones disease. Scientists believe that modern therapy, opal and develop intuition to have a positive impact on the nervous system, pituitary gland and the bones. For that, opal regulate all body functions and protection against infectious diseases.

Agate healing properties: Agate increases the potential to treat disease or long-day and in the throat, agate helps reduce seizures, against fear, protecting the body against infections and diseases of the stomach. Agate has the potential to neutralize gastric acidity, as well as detoxify the body. It has been suggested that blue agat have positive effects on the thyroid; face – so effective in the treatment of respiratory, gastrointestinal and a liver and bile ducts. Agate has a positive effect on the circulatory system, help treat endocrine disorders and viral infections. Types of algae form a healing effect for skin and respiratory organs, the type of tree types that work well for diseases of the stomach.

There are many types of stone brings natural disease healing to humans, we would like to introduce to you a kind of typical of them, and hopefully everyone will get a good product for health protection and their families.


The concept of UIE: Over 20 years ago, in a joint research project of science, scientists Korea and Malaysia have discovered a hidden source of energy in the sun. This energy source has an important influence on health and life of animals and plants as well as our own humanity. Energy source that is known by the name: UIE – Universe Induced Energy. Infinite energy universe – UIE is a useful energy source, is found in the first grade in the sunlight. This energy affects people in different ways, such as health and helps maintain healthy lifestyles.
Jaderin a special kind of natural stone, energy absorbing endless UIE – Universe Induced Energy, capable of providing natural energy, enhance human health. Crafted from natural jade stone in Brazil integrated universe infinite energy. It contains no toxic chemicals or radiation xa.Dac it was sunk in the integrated energy UIE should have valuable properties that enhance the health of the user and create a protective coating to help prevent infection infections caused by bacteria, providing a lifestyle of health and happiness for those products hon.San frequent fatigue, physical weakness, in the state who are not alert due to overwork or stress unstable blood pressure, to coin tubes erratic. Those health decline, the weak in the upper abdomen and the chest muscle. To help improve women’s wear jewelry such as silver ring, gold ring.
– Stabilizing the heartbeat, prevent heart disease.
– Regulate and stabilize blood pressure. circulation of blood.
Improve circulation-sleeping does help improve health.
– Anti-vertigo and motion sickness xe.Phong hours reading anti-toxins and
– Balance positive ions, negative in the body …
This is You and rare products. Often used as gifts, gifts for relatives Grandparents, Parents significant
Certificate: jade Jade Ring Round STM-HN was granted registration number: 01 – 03-000006, dated 18/12/2006.Don price: 2,200,000 VND / 1 product.
Counseling centers and product distribution.
Hospital Song Thuong-Ts Thienquang: Phone: 0972690610
Distributor: Phu Hai Pharmaceutical Company: DT 02403856218
Http:// Emall Website: [email protected]
Counseling centers and product distribution in Hanoi:
Clinics-Master, Doctor Nguyen Huy Cuong – Thai Ha Street – Dong Da.
Product is sold nationwide.

Meaning gifts for loved ones.

Meaning gifts for loved ones.

k energy jade ring

k energy jade ring

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